About Place Journal, Volume V. Issue III

May, 2019

Dignity as an Endangered Species in the 21st Century

Whitefish Review:  Change 

Volume 10, Issue 1 #19

June, 2016

Change happens-it's intrinsic to life. How we navigate through it is a work in progress. The authors whose work appears in this issue of Whitefish Review share their journeys through change.  ~ Christina Eisenberg, Lead Issue Editor

Secret Histories

Secret Histories:  Stories of Risk, Courage, and Revelation


December, 2013

Secret Histories: Stories of Risk, Courage, and Revelation

A River Runs Through Us, ABOUT PLACE JOURNAL, Vol 1 Issue 1

March, 2012

An excerpt from the author’s upcoming novel, The Lies They Lived.

NILAS : Nature in Legend and Story

December, 2009

After growing up in a childhood home filled with the weapons and hunting trophies of her father, memoirist Laura Foreman explores the shifting boundaries between violence and heroism.

Sleeping with Tigers

Memoirs in the Light of Day, Lamberson Corona Press

January, 2008

In "Sleeping with Tigers," memoirist Laura Foreman traces the complex relationship her family has with India. At fifty-two, she finally makes her first pilgrimage to discover her roots in the land of her origin.

Wildlife conservation cover

Wildlife Conservation Magazine

December, 2007

In Washington state scientists and students team up in Project CAT (Cougars and teaching). Nature writer Laura Bowers Foreman participates as they capture, collect data and then release cougars back into the wild.

Earthlight Magazine

October, 2002

When mountain lions stalk the misty mountains of her Pacific Northwest neighborhood, author Laura Foreman discovers she must teach her children how to live in cougar country. 

Pod Publishing

January, 1996

While visiting her grandparents’ home in Georgia for the last time before her family was to move to Paris, five-year-old Laura Foreman came face to face with the possibility of her father’s death.


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